RealLegal DepoSchedule™ is a feature of RealLegal E-Transcript™ that accommodates both attorneys and court reporters.


Attorneys and other legal professionals can use DepoSchedule to schedule depositions with a court reporter. In E-Transcript Viewer, click the Schedule a Reporter button on the toolbar. The court reporting firm's schedule page displays in your default Internet browser and you can fill out the form to submit the request via e-mail.

Click here to view instructions on filling out the Schedule Request form.

Court Reporters

Court reporting firms can use DepoSchedule to create a personalized schedule page from which scheduling requests are received. Firms are required to have E-Transcript Manager version 4.0 or higher to be eligible for this feature. You can set up and maintain your scheduling pages through the Company Information dialog box of E-Transcript Manager 4.0.

Click here to view instructions on creating and maintaining your schedule pages.