Court Reporter Home

The two sections of your home page are Schedule requests and Schedule page.

Schedule requests

This section has three parts:

Click the New link to view the list of requests. The firm name, request date and proceeding date display. Click the firm name to view the details about the request. The request displays in a read-only form.

When viewing the request, you can do one of the following:

Click the Accepted or Declined link to view requests that you have previously accepted or declined.

Schedule page

In this section, you can edit or view your schedule page. The hit count displays with the number of times your schedule page has been viewed. If your page is not yet approved by RealLegal, a "Pending approval" message displays. You cannot receive requests until you are approved by RealLegal. You will receive an e-mail message from RealLegal once you are approved, containing the URL for your administration page and the URL for your schedule page (enter this URL into the E-Transcript Manager Company Information dialog box).

The schedule page is the form that attorneys will fill out when requesting to schedule a deposition. The administration page is your DepoSchedule Court Reporter Home page.

Click Edit to go to the Edit Your Schedule Page web page.

Click View to display your schedule page as the attorneys will see it. You cannot make changes to this page. Click Done to return to the previous page.